Bottomless Orange Ice Tea

So somehow we are always surprised when Cape Town winds blow us away for a week straight and then boom! It’s sunny for a day?

And then you are sitting in your Uber making small talk about how weird the weather is in Cape Town like “Sjoe it was so windy and now look at this sun, out of nowhere” and then the driver responds “Yeah, this Cape Town weather!”

Cool? Ok, so here is a thirst-quenching Ice Tea recipe for you when you quickly want to whip something up on a hot day.
I am a little obsessed with orange juice so why not make it a tea.

Here we go:

Difficulty level: Can you turn on a stove?

Time: 15 minutes (then leave to cool)

How much: 2 litres, depending on how much you spill …

1 cup of orange juice (fresh squeeze)

1/3 cup of brown sugar

1 tbsp of honey

5 rooibos tea bags

8 cups of boiling water

Here we go my bottomless friends,
1) Make your tea in a big pot or jug and leave to cool. Just make sure it can actually take two litres.
2) In a small pot, mix together orange juice and brown sugar on medium heat. (Hint hint: if you are not using fresh squeeze, only use 1/4 cup of sugar)
3) Keep an eye on the pot and wait for it to start bubbling and boogieing. Remember to whisk while it goes.
3) Add your honey and keep whisking.
4) Remove the syrup from the heat and stir into your tea (once you have removed the tea bags, please).
5) There you go kids, you beat Lipton. Now leave it to cool down and pop it in the fridge. Later you can make it pretty pretty with basil and slices of orange, or give it a good vodka beating for some punch.

Bye Bye x

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