What do you mean there is no such thing as time?

Mad science, philosophy, biology, legends and myths, math and art. We all tend to get stuck in deep conversations that just make us fill our glasses again and again. So here we are, two glasses of wine in and it’s time to start with our first DMC (or maybe not?)

Is time even real? Are we running out of time? Sip.

Ok so, this week I am going to be talking about the reality of time, because if it’s not there then I can’t really be that bad with time management, right? #LibraWe live in frames of 60, whether its 60 seconds in a minute or 60 minutes in an hour. This cycle doesn’t end, yet somehow, we started it. We measure our worth in time (payment per hour), we measure our freedom in time and we even measure our lives in time.

The dictionary defines time as a nonspatial continuum, also knows as a space-time continuum, meaning space and time are entwined (they are one in the same, yeah).Ok, but before we make it too complicated, let me say this. Linear time does not exist. Past to future is just an illusion. Past is just a word we use to describe another present moment, and so is future, it’s all happening simultaneously through our individual consciousness.

We have an illusion that this is all there is, but if you imagine a house will many rooms, you might be cooking in the kitchen while I drink wine in the living room, we are in different spaces, but it’s all happening simultaneously. The house represents a present moment, there are just different experiences of the present. To help explain this, before we gulp again, that thing you are thinking of that happened way back when, there is a version of you that is perpetually experiencing that exact moment, same goes for that future moment. Let’s say you imagine yourself filling your glass in 10 minutes, that’s not happening then, that’s happening now, elsewhere in our quantum field.

There is more! When you remember something from this morning, you can do it right now, but you can also imagine yourself opening another bottle of wine and collect that memory before it even happened because it’s happening right now! Memories and imaginations are the same thought energy, we just experience them from different sides of this illusion.So, here is where it gets useful, everything that existed, does exist and will exist is happening right now though, we are just experiencing it through these different subjective individuation of consciousness. Basically, you can already feel for and experience the future version of you by experiencing your best and highest outcomes through imagination. You may think you are moving forward when you have these thoughts, but honestly, these are just memories of the future version of you (in our quantum field, duh).

Ok, fine fill up your glass.
Time for a gulp. (Ha)

So through all of this, you can experience your future self and use it to make your intuition tactical. Your thoughts are coming to you from a version of you that has already experienced them. In doing this you turn impossible to possible to probable. Probable into inevitable and that finally into reality. Reality is infinitely malleable. Time is relative to the person experiencing. That’s why Einstein called it “relativity”.Linear time is an illusion, but a great one at that.
So whatever you see in the future, it can happen. It already has, so make sure it counts.

Cheers guys x

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