So that’s the end?

Here we are, approaching the last few hours of a decade.
People like to talk about a decade, like “oh that’s the song of the decade”, cool and they don’t think much of it afterwards but are we losing touch of the true power a decade has?

I mean come on, when we say 80’s you have the picture in your mind along with all the disco lights, talk about the twenties, we can see that shit and the green light at the end. Talk about the nineties, well people still want to believe they are special if they were part of the nineties… Do you realize we just wrapped up another decade just like the 20’s, the ’60s and 80’s? The question is, was it a memorable one that the kids of the future are going to call icon and have themed parties for?
I think the problem is we are progressing too fast to define the decade, what happened in the early 2010s is a different ERA compared to even this year.

So, the point is that we will never have a decade again like the 60s 70s or 90s because we are moving and growing and advancing too fast as a society to make a decade as memorable.
So, let’s say this is the era of Avos, young millionaires and social media and activists. Fight with me all you want, but you know it’s true. I can’t really say much for fashion as we have literally tried to bring back every decade and we have gone from tight and bold to pastel and baggy… but hey that’s just me and my thoughts. Fashion Divas, come at me.

But now that I am done bashing at the 2010s let’s look at what happened and why this was such a diverse decade compared to the iconic ones we all know. You might look at some of these and think how this all happened in one decade and then I get to say “exactly”.

One upon a time Prince William and Prince Harry decided it was time to marry (yes that happened in the same decade)
Gaga decided meat was a look and Gangnam style was a hook. How?
The women marched and #metoo took the nation, also the very first Ipad became a sensation (yes Ipads only came out this decade)

The first penis transplant took place, oh and there was the duck face (why?)
We took the first picture of a black hole and mastering the cup song was everyone’s goal.
Flight 370 disappeared and HIV prevention treatment was finally here
We thought 2012 would be the end of the world we live in, and the first living CRISPR baby was celebrated as a science win.

The world of health turned to CBD and then we finally realized we need to clean the sea.
Colin Kaepernick first refused to stand during the National Anthem and the power of social media became bigger than we could fathom.

We fought over the colour of the dress and Kylie’s lips were all over the press.
Kesha released Tik Tok and Party Rock anthem was on the block.
Greta Thunberg is Times person of the year and Trump has been impeached, finally a cheer.
Oh and Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar.

So that’s the 2010’s guys, was it memorable, yes! Was it iconic? No, but each year was. Too much happened for us to tie the last 10 years in a bow. In terms of how we advanced, that will just carry over and become bigger in the next decade. We have welcomed many new advancements, but they will probably only define the next decade. But it’s time to celebrate, go pour yourself a drink because we are about to update the 20’s.

Cheers Gatsby.

Why Baz Luhrmann's 'The Great Gatsby' Is A Modern Classic | IndieWire

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