Welcome to Bouchon, now call the manager.

When it comes to a restaurant, one of two things can make your night; the food or the vibe. In some cases, you are lucky and you get both (oh and company, but we are here for the food.)

Your service could be sexy and spectacular, but this is one of the few places I will flaunt. High end enough to make you feel like you are doing fine dining, but just chilled enough for you to take your nice, well-behaved friends and your bad friends. (Sorry Bouchon, but you can handle them, right?)
Now let’s stop flirting for a second and talk about the food. The food is sexy.

The menu is new and fresh every time you go, but the favourites stay. We can’t survive without the pork belly. It is one of our favourite dishes in Cape Town. They do cater for vegetarians as well and the options are beautiful and simple (but you could never pull it off at home, honey).

Since Bouchon is a tapas bistro, we recommend ordering 2 plates per person at a time to share with the table and then add on from there. They will only bring a few plates out at a time so that you get it hot and straight from the pan.
If you have a moment to talk to the manager, this is the ONLY time where it is appropriate to speak to the manager. Shane is easy going and like a friend at your table, he will make jokes and small talk about more than just the food. Ask him to tell you about the history of Bouchon, it’s a very worthy story that won’t make you sleep.

I am really trying to be rude and harsh; you know? Trying to be a bit Ramsey here… But when the waiters talk to you like friends, the wine just doesn’t run out and the vibes are just a perfect balance between young urban and sophisticated… oh and the most amazing variety of food is put in front of you (everything from black mussels in a red wine sauce, to sticky ribs and even chilli and ginger pork dumplings) there is nothing to complain about.
Maybe I am being biased here, but it’s just easy. I like it so I will complement it.

I do hope you go and have a bottomless night

Cheers my friends.

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