You’ve Leather looked so good

A vegan leather brand called Desserto.

Oh hello? So not too long ago two Mexican guys might have given the leather industry a shake. Enough so to create a leather that is cruelty-free, organic, biodegradable and the thorns make for great self-defence (kidding, but the rest is true).

Adrian Lopez and Marte Cazarez have shown off the very first leather made from Nopal, or as we like to call it; the prickly-pear cactus leather, in Milan and the Lineapelle international leather trade exhibition. While many designers try to show off how lovely and vegan their leather is, Adrian Lopez and Marte Cazarez realized they forgot about one thing, the plastic used to make it vegan. And you thought you were being green 😉

For the last two years, these men have been working on this leather, saying that since it is plant-based it is more breathable than “plastic” leather and they estimate it could last at least a decade. If you have seen Friends, you will know why you need those breathable leather pants!
The nopal cactus has been the face of Mexico for years, not only in cartoons, but it is the national symbol of Mexico and an important staple of the Mexican diet. This little prick has been used in countless ways with salads, meats, candies and juices. It is also used to feed livestock, medicinal purposes and as a textile dye. To top it all off, the fibers have even been used as a substitute for plastic.

Cazarez explained:“The cactus has many cosmetic applications: in shampoo, in creams. So, we figured: ‘If it’s good for the skin, why not create a [nopal] leather?’, And this was how the idea was born.”
And theeen Lopez said:“Mexico has the potential to innovate, [especially] with nopal, which is the symbol of the country. But so many people told us we were crazy! Even our engineers told us that it could not be done.

And theeen We said: ‘why not? We are in Mexico, we are Mexicans, what raw material is more suitable for us to exploit than nopal? It grows by itself; it doesn’t need much watering; it doesn’t waste much water.’ That’s when we began to experiment with the nopal and, after several tests, we were able to develop a resistant material.”

Everyone told them they were crazy, but despite all the haters, they have created a product that will become a staple in the luxury fashion industry that is estimated to be worth $85 billion by 2025. You go Glen Coco.

Trump might want to reconsider that wall… He likes them billions.

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